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  A collection of videos depicting events on and off the field ... enjoy and contribute. We can handle video from mobile phone and videocam .. or clip it from CDs or DVDs. As long as it is suitable for the kiddies .. send it in..... And if it isn't suitable for the kiddies ... still send it in.


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Kermandie Carnivale

 Cygnet had a great day at Kermandie in July 2010, coming away with 2 wins and a lot of great memories.

The following 4 videos highlight a Barney in the Colts, Stubbsy everywhere in  the Reserves, and Brimma's Big Crunch on Dave Bone in the Seniors, Brimma's hit on Dave is also featured in slo-mo.

Ful screen links I (click on descriptions above)


Another Close Thriller

  2010 brought two entertaining clashes against Claremont. These are the games which bring the crowds back for more. Played in good spirit, highly competitive,great standard games which go down to the wire.

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Frozen Video

  On a sunny but sub-zero day at Bothwell it was almost impossible to film without freezing. What resulted is couple of short clips of the colts & seniors.



Club Launches New Strip

Here is some video taken on 20 June 2010 at Kingston Beach where we launched our new strip. For those who love our old Black-and-White, this is a return to our traditional colours whilst retaining the modern feel of the lightening strike which accompanied our recent golden era.

 The senior game was an electric affair, described by some spectators as the most entertaining game of the year so far.

Full Screen Versions... Colts    Reserves    Seniors


Exerpts From a Blue Day at Home 2010

  A winnable game which slipped from our grasp.

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A Few Clips From Dodges 2010

  On a not-so-grand day out, a few clips featuring some of our better players on the day

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Straight Thru the Middle

  A crowd-pleaser at the William Leitch Medal night in 2009 .. where this clip was played regularly thru the evening. Thanks to Duff TV productions

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The Game Plan

  This extraordinary piece of video was produced by Leigh Carmichael in 2003. It allows us a unique glimpse into the world of a great country football club. In 3 minutes of footage we are privileged to see the multi-faceted jewel of passion which makes our game what it is. From the emotion of the coach, the intensity of the players, the characters , the fun and the comradeship, the thrill of the game and the joy of victory. Leigh's brilliant video narrative would be of interest to people outside of our own club and outside our game. Enjoy.    Full Screen Version





Ben Halton's 7 League Boots

Ben Halton dispelled any doubts about his future as a top-class footballer with a 7 goal out of 10 display in the intrastate game between the SFL and NTFL under 19's clash at the North Hobart oval. Ben made it look easy. Supporters who attended the game reported that, if his team-mates on the day had cottoned on earlier that they had a gun full-forward... Ben might have kicked another 7.

[thanks to Duff TV Productions]  Full Screen Version





Round 11 June 2009  ...  Port vs Triabunna

  A few clips taken from a DVD by Duff TV Productions. The full DVD can be borrowed from the club.

    Full Screen Version



Port 2002 Grand Final Highlights

 Leigh Carmichael blew the Port supporters away with his video of the bash-and-crash 2002 Grand Final ... the first of the famous 3-Peat.

The "Highlights" section of the video is featured here...... with thanks to Tas Sport Video, OzVox & Leigh Carmichael Design

    Full Screen Version



Video from 2007 

  Following a request from T-Bone .. we managed to locate some footage from the 2007 Reserves Grand Final in a DVD produced by Jules Direen.

Also Jules's Round-by-round action shots compilation with some rock-and-roll audio ..

The two 2007 videos and "All Frocked Up" thanks Jules Direen, Angela Clifford, Jud and Jessica Direen, Candice and Rhianna Convey, Anita Johnson and Maureen Oates



2007 Reserves Grand Final Highlights

Full Screen Version




2007 Season Snapshots







Warning ... some of the content shown in the following videos may be offensive to some viewers. Now that does make it interesting !!


All Frocked Up

Thanks again to Julian Direen and co-conspirators for this video. [Apologies Jules .. your soundtrack was blocked by utube .. so we replaced it with a good bit of Aussie rock].

The club doctor will be performing gender confirmation check-ups next week.





Les Boys

 For those who missed the 2009 Players' Review, for those who were too drunk to remember, and those of us who would love to relive the night's highlights .. here is one act from the night's festivities. 





Bananas in Pyjamas

 For those horribly shocked but want to see it again. Here is something you may wish you hadn't viewed.

Warning .. this video may (it does) contain images of naked human bits and pieces.






Bugle Boy

For years Hodgey has  delighted Port supporters and annoyed the crap out of visiting teams with his bugle celebration after every Port goal. He lets out a few extra notes when the mood strikes him .. which is pretty often.

[thanks to Leigh Carmichael]