Statistics for Southern Storm U13 playing in 2013 CRIPPS U13 Youth League

Player NameTeam NameMLastGMGMGVTIB
Alexander GriggsSouthern Storm U13112013-06-302
Bailey EavesSouthern Storm U1392013-06-2311Kermandie2
Bailey GordonSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3072New Town BT7
Bailey ReeveSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3011Cygnet Oval1
Bruk DugganSouthern Storm U1322013-04-14
Cameron SmithSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3032Kermandie3
Elijah ReardonSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3064Cadbury Oval 4
George O'NeillSouthern Storm U1342013-06-231
Jackson CliffordSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3011New Town BT2
Jayden GaneSouthern Storm U1372013-06-302
Joshua CoadSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3011Kermandie1
Joshua DoughtySouthern Storm U13102013-06-301
Luke AshlinSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3011Cadbury Oval 8
Mackenzie GriggsSouthern Storm U13112013-06-303
Max CowenSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3031Cadbury Oval 1
Mitchell HumphreysSouthern Storm U13112013-06-302
Nathan McqueenSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3043Cygnet Oval5
Nick HankinSouthern Storm U13102013-06-3011Kermandie
Samuel BrownSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3072Cygnet Oval1
Sebastien JenningsSouthern Storm U13102013-06-2321Cadbury Oval 2
Thomas PengillySouthern Storm U13112013-06-3043Cygnet Oval6
Thomas WassSouthern Storm U1342013-06-231
Willis ShortSouthern Storm U13112013-06-3021Kermandie5

Statistics for Southern Storm U14 playing in 2013 CRIPPS U14A Youth League

Player NameTeam NameMLastGMGMGVTIB
Aiden GeevesSouthern Storm U1462013-05-262
Bryan UnsworthSouthern Storm U1482013-06-30
Campbell GaneSouthern Storm U1432013-06-30
Connor BryantSouthern Storm U14102013-06-30113Cygnet Oval8
Cooper SawdySouthern Storm U1452013-06-3031Kermandie3
Jack BreretonSouthern Storm U14102013-06-301
Jack O'NeillSouthern Storm U14102013-06-30
Jackson GordonSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3011New Town BT1
Jacob DireenSouthern Storm U14102013-06-301
Jake DanceSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3021Geilston Bay
Jake MunningsSouthern Storm U14102013-06-30
Jaycob KileSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3011Queenborough Oval6
Kye StokoeSouthern Storm U14102013-06-30
Lachlan CliffordSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3083Kermandie8
Lochie GriggsSouthern Storm U14102013-06-30104New Town BT1
Luke WilliamsSouthern Storm U1452013-05-1232Cygnet Oval2
Nathan DugganSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3011Geilston Bay2
Nathaniel StokoeSouthern Storm U14102013-06-30
Peter O`neillSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3011Cygnet Oval
Scott BlacklowSouthern Storm U14102013-06-301
Seth Van KastelSouthern Storm U1492013-06-30
Toby CowenSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3062Cygnet Oval7
Tom AshlinSouthern Storm U14102013-06-307
Will DonatoSouthern Storm U14102013-06-3031Geilston Bay4

Statistics for Southern Storm U16 playing in 2013 CRIPPS U16B Youth League

The Southern Storm Football Club had 5 boys chosen to represent the Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League Teams for 2013.
Rhys Ward was chosen in the Southern Junior Football League's U15 side and Toby Cowen, Lachie Clifford, Cooper Sawdy and Connor Bryant were in the u14 representative side.  These boys traveled to Launceston to play against the Northern Tasmanian side on Wednesday last week.  Unfortunately both sides went down to their Northern competitors, although the u14 side only lost by 2 points.
We also had two other boys Jackson Gordon and Jack O'Neill in the squad for the u14 side, both just missing the final cut.
This is a great example of the wonderful football talent we have in the Huon Valley.  
Well Done boys. 


AS AT 28/07/2013

Lindisfarne U16      56

Sorell U16             44

Southern Storm U16 36

New Norfolk U16     32

North Hobart U16   32

Clarence Roos U16 32

Sandy Bay White U16 20

Glenorchy Magpies U16 20

Kingborough Gold U16  8


AS AT 28/07/2013

Sandy Bay U14   42

Glenorchy U14    40

Lauderdale U14  38

Southern Storm U14 26

North Hobart U14   24

Kingborough U14   24

Clarence U14      22


AS AT 28/07/2013