This section of the club website will feature profiles of a select few.


  Of all the men and boys who have pulled on the club jumper, distinguished themselves as fine footballers and given much of their lives to the Cygnet Football Club, there are just a few who can earn the title of club legend.


  We are discussing this subject widely amongst the Cygnet footballing community. So far several names have been put forward and much discussion as to what makes a legend. [see below]


  As with other "Halls of Fame", it is reasonable to think hard and long before selecting our list of players worthy of the title.


  Below is a form which can be used to submit any player you feel deserves consideration ... comment, reasons and general information is welcomed.





What Makes A Legend

There have been many fine footballers and outstanding contributors to our club, both on and off the field. But what makes a true legend? ... Following are a few initial suggestions from some past players interviewed on the subject ...

   Some qualities will inevitably be "must haves" (eg a non-playing committee-man couldn't be a legend) .... and some qualities will be "part of" the package.


1. Exceptional footballing talent

2. Consistent onfield contribution

3. Long footballing career with Cygnet Football Club

4. Majority of career played with Cygnet Football Club

5. Contribution to Club success (premierships etc)

6. Exceptional leadership

7. Recognition by peers of exceptional qualities

8. Recognition by the community of exceptional qualities

9. Historical recognition of exceptional qualities

10. Exceptional club loyalty

11. Exceptional sacrifice to Cygnet Football Club

12. Exceptional contribution to the club off-field.

13. Continuing involvement with Cygnet Football Club after playing career ends.

14. Contribution to raising or maintaining Cygnet Football Club's reputation and standing in both the footballing community and the community at large.


More ideas on this subject sought