A collection of photos &  stories about the tall timber of Cygnet .. the Howard family



Byron Howard (left)


These days, Byron is a gentle soul, growing vegies and selling them by the road at Old Beach.


At the time this picture was taken, Byron was one of the tough men of Tasmanian football.


Ask those who watched his career... "Good footballer" "One of the best" "Tough man" "Ferocious" "Loved training ... he'd work all day in the bush, walk 4 miles to training and keep going after all the other players had gone back to the sheds .. he just didn't want to leave the ground .. he was the same when he went up and played for North Hobart" "If he injured an arm, he'd put a bandage on the other one and let them hit that one" "He'd say to his ruckman ... you go tap the ball .. I'll take care of the rest. They'd bounce the ball and Byron would charge the opposition and skittle them .. we'd have the ball down for a goal before they knew what hit them" "These days he'd be up on report every second week" "He was all elbows when he went for the ruck" "They were all afraid of him"


  Well ... the picture tells the story .... doesn't it.


Max Howard


Brother of Byron, Max was the classic footballer of his day.


Champion schoolboy footballer, he was brought into a winning seniors team straight from school. He was a great centre-half forward who marked, moved and kicked with a style which brought the crowds to their feet. He was a leader on the field who played with distinction for Cygnet and later for Sandy Bay in the TFL and as then as a Tasmanian representative.


He is considered by many to be one of the finest footballers Cygnet has produced

Max Howard holding the schools competition trophy 1952. The school team was known as Lourdes Hill.


  Greg Howard wears the same smile today as he did as a young star recruit for North Hobart in the Mercury clip above. Greg was a younger brother to Byron and Max.

  Greg played with distinction for Cygnet until hid mid-40's and his endless work on committees and as coach continues till this day. Greg's value to our club cannot be underestimated.

  As a player Greg towered over his opposition, marking and kickin g goals effortlessly. His 22 goals in one game stands as the club record.



Byron Howard-jnr

Son of Byron (see above).  Byron junior is one of a generation of Cygnet sons whose parents migrated to the city and so played their football for other clubs. Byron was typical of the towering Howards, a fierce champion full forward for North Hobart.