Team Trophy Donor Winner Trophy
Seniors Gladys Sculthorpe Memorial Best & Fairest Dr John Wilkins Adam Duggan  
  Lew Gordon Memorial Runner Up Best & Fairest Gordon Family Sam Dean  
  Most Consistent Cygnet Newsagency Benjamin Halton  
  Micheal "Pud" Darcy Leading Goalkicker Brereton Electrical Benjamin Halton  
  Mick Direen Memorial Best Backman Direen Family Adam Duggan  
  Coach's Trophy Abel Labels Rhys Jennings  
  Synnott Bros Trophy Synnott Family Adam Duggan  
  Lyle Graham Memorial Most Valuable Player Cygnet Past Players Adam Duggan  
Reserves Best & Fairest Dr John Wilkins Shane Clark  
  Runner Up Best & Fairest Wilcox Electrical Loic Auderset  
  Most Consistent B & T Glass Patrick Wilcox  
  Leading Goalkicker Bev Coad Daniel Walter  
  Most Courageous Brett & Jo Direen Timothy Bone  
  Most Improved Jason Doyle Elliot Ross  
  Coach's Trophy Mark Bradley Adam Direen  
Colts Tim Kube Memorial Best & Fairest Cygnet Mini League Jakeb Dean  
  Runner Up Best & Fairest Rhys Synnott Aaron Dance  
  Most Consistent Matt & Sally Tyrrell Jordan Ross  
  Best Backman Robert & Gail Armstrong Josh Doyle  
  Most Improved Duggans P/L Brady Gordon  
Club EM "Boysie" Direen Memorial Best Clubman Award Direen Family John & Evelyn Duggan  
  Greg "Ducky" Gordon Rising Star Recognition   Jakeb Dean  
  Kathryn Hodgman Club Spirit Award Leigh Hodgman 2013 Colt Team


Great Night Out


Approximately 150 attended the 2013 Dinner and Awards night including major sponsors, life members, trophy donors and invited guests.

The Cygnet Football Club Board of Management Chairman Brett Direen thanked the attendees as well as the volunteers and supporters for their dedication throughout the 2013 season.

Brett acknowledged the help of the devoted team who have made this night a huge success with a special thankyou to Brigid Wilcox whose untiring commitment resulted in this year’s attendance.  

He reviewed the season that was and congratulated the players and coaches for their effort, in particular Matt Tyrrell Seniors coach for the past three years, Mark (chopper) Bradley Reserves coach and Tyler Cowen Colt coach, he also thanks the teams support staff and various other workers at the club, Brett made comment that he did not want to name individuals as this may leave someone out and that would counterproductive.

Brett reiterated that the club needs help to make the Cygnet Football Club sustainable for the impending 2014 season; he advised that the current small nucleus of overworked volunteers need support in order to share the workload, we need new faces particular those who have played with the club in past years, raised families and now may be available to come back and help participate with others in steering the clubs direction and securing its future viability within the Cygnet Community. 

We need people to put up there hand and be responsible for some small part in the weekly functions of the club, it may mean simply joining our Thursday nights catering activities, alternatively manning the Kiosk as part of a roster for home games, helping with team operations and training or simply cleaning up after a game. They are all simple tasks but when left up to a handful of individuals to manage it becomes monotonous and character depressing.

If you want your club to survive then I can’t stress with any more urgency, your club needs help or your club as you know it may not survive and if this does happen then it will not be here when your son or maybe grandson wants to play and follow in his father’s / grandfathers footsteps with this brilliant club, a club which has been the heart of the Cygnet Communities sporting activities from more than 100 years.

Supporters are reminded that the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Cygnet Football Clubrooms on Wednesday the 16th of October, supporters are encouraged to attend.