Therese is No Ordinary Supporter


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 Therese tosses the coin in the 2002 Grand Final between Cygnet and Lauderdale



Therese Recognised in Football Record



Cygnet Feature Volunteer Article


This week's volunteer of the week is Therese Donohoe. Therese is an avid

supporter of the Cygnet Football Club and it plays a major part in her

life. Therese is a regular helper with the player teas each Thursday

night and assists with the preparation, serving and washing up and

cleaning of tables afterwards. Therese can be found in the grandstand

every Saturday (particularly at home matches) with her Port jumper,

scarf and her lunch watching "her boy's" as she refers to them do battle

with the opposition. Therese's bedroom is basically a "shrine" to the

Club and everything, including her bedspread, is dedicated to the Port.

Club media Spokesperson Brett Direen said "Therese has been around the

Club for many years, through both good and hard times and has a

wonderful group of friends and helpers that enable her to enjoy this

important and full-filling part of her life. She is loved by all the

supporters and players, and it is a real highlight when she has a

birthday as the players usher her into the changerooms and sing happy

birthday which means the world to her. Therese is a wonderful caring

person whom we feel privileged to have as part of our Football Club. She

claps all the boy's off the field no matter what the result, and has

written a letter or two to the committee on how she sees the Club, and

things we could possibly improve upon. As a matter of fact we have a

page dedicated to Therese on our website, so that just demonstrates her

standing and importance within our Football Club." Brett concluded.



Therese lives, eats and... yes .. sleeps... Football


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Therese rubs shoulders with the famous


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... and encourages our young players


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can you name this player


Every year Therese's "boys" sing her "Happy Birthday"


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Therese' writes a letter




Therese and Friends


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Go The Port


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Therese writes another letter



Therese Donohoe

Cygnet Tas 7112



Cygnet Football Club 22nd September 2008

PO Box 204

Cygnet Tas 7112




To The Committee, Players and Members of the Cygnet Football Club.


I have wanted to write a letter to you all for a very long time. I wanted to let you know I love the Cygnet Football Club with all my heart. The Club is a very important part of my life and I love going to the football to support ‘My Boys’.


Well done to the Under Ages for making it to the Finals you did a great job and I was very proud of you. All players must keep training and keep their chin up for 2009 going to be very good session.


I love helping at the Football Tea on Thursday night and look forward to it every week. I would like to do something for the Club and would like to reline some of the cupboards in the Clubrooms ready for next year. Please let me know if I can help and get this job done for my Club.


I know sometimes if it hard for some of you to understand me that is why I wanted to write you a letter to let you know how important the Cygnet Football Club is to me (I had some help with this letter, but not much).


I would like to thank lots of people who are very good to me at the Club but wanted to say thank you to those who pick me up and drop me off for Football tea and especially to Jack, Mary Synnott, Phillip and Loretta Wilcox – they are very good to me and the Club. You will never know how much you all mean to me.


Best of luck for 2009 ‘My Boys’ you will win, I love it when you win. GO THE PORT!!!!





Kind Regards Therese Donohoe

(One Eyed Cygnet Supported)



Therese stands proud with Garry


Therese Football with Garry.jpg

.... and Pud


Therese Football with Puddy.jpg


... and a couple of legends .. Dennis and Ducky


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Away from the Game the 3 Amigo's belt out the club song


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