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Therese Donohoe.

   Therese is an avid supporter of the Cygnet Football Club and it plays a major part in her life. Therese is a regular helper with the player teas each Thursday night and assists with the preparation, serving and washing up and cleaning of tables afterwards.

   Therese can be found in the grandstand every Saturday (particularly at home matches) with her Port jumper, scarf and her lunch watching "her boy's" as she refers to them do battle with the opposition.

Therese's bedroom is basically a "shrine" to the Club and everything, including her bedspread, is dedicated to the Port.

   Therese has been around the Club for many years, through both good and hard times and has a wonderful group of friends and helpers that enable her to enjoy this important and full-filling part of her life. She is loved by all the supporters and players, and it is a real highlight when she has a birthday as the players usher her into the changerooms and sing happy birthday which means the world to her.

   Therese is a wonderful caring person whom we feel privileged to have as part of our Football Club. She claps all the boy's off the field no matter what the result, and has written a letter or two to the committee on how she sees the Club, and things we could possibly improve upon. 

See our web-page dedicated to Therese







Leigh Hodgman.

  "Hodgy" as he is known to all at the Port has been an integral part of the Footbal Club for many years as a supporter, player and volunteer. Many would remember him through our glory years with his bugle behind the goals giving the opposition a niggle every week.

   Last year Leigh lost his dear wife Kathryn to cancer which was a huge shock and loss to him, his family and the Club. Needless to say, the very next week Hodgy was back running the boundary for the Port to try to maintain some normality with his own and his young childrens lives.

   Every week, unless work rosters prevent, you can find Hodgy running the boundary for his Club.

   Hodgy is deeply respected by not only the Club but everybody in the Cygnet and footballing community.

   Club spokesperson Brett Direen said "Hodgy is an incredible bloke, humble, kind and generous - all the things you look for in a person. He loves the Cygnet Football Club and we love having him on board as without volunteers like him, our Club would struggle to remain viable. Hodgy is a big part of the Port's footballing family and we would not have it any other way. He will do anything to help the Club, even try to change his work roster such is his committment. Hodgy fully deserves to be recognised for the contribution he makes to our Club" 





Tony "Rip" Clifford


   The Cygnet Football Club could not survive without a number of dedicated volunteers who make themselves available to undertake tasks that help keep small country clubs viable.  

   "Rip" Clifford does all the club's linemarking for home games. Every Friday, you will find "Rip" toiling away without fuss making sure that the ground is presented in perfect order and that all the markings conform with AFL standards. Rain, hail or shine he is happy to help the club out by undertaking this important task. As a matter of fact, if heavy rain arrives during the Friday night, don't be surprised to see "Rip" up at day-break on the Saturday morning before the Colt's match re-marking the ground.

   Club spokesperson Brett Direen said "Last season I received a call from Rip and could barely hear him on the phone. It was almost dark on a Friday night, and upon arriving at the ground, I found Rip working with pneumonia. I had to make him go home so I could finish the job as the linemarker had broken down such is his commitment" "Rip" is a former player and life member and he just loves Cygnet and the football club". "As a matter of fact we love "Rip" too, and we have undertaken to purchase him a new electric linemarker which should make his job that much easier" "It's people like "Rip" who keep this club going" 





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John Synnott


     John is a life member of the Cygnet Football Club and is deeply respected by everybody involved with the Club for his committment, dedication and professionalism he brings to his various roles.

    John has just about filled every role that is on offer at the Cygnet Football Club, but in recent years has filled the very important roles of Match Manager, Tribunal delegate and organisation of the Clubs electronic Best & Fairest Vote Count.

    With the Match Manager role, this entails very early starts each Saturday, especially on away matches, but John can be found with a coffeee in hand making sure jumpers are allocated and guiding team managers, coaches and support staff with timely advice.

   John epitomises what our Club is all about. The Club would feel lost without John being about. He willingly gives his time to make it a great place to be.  John lends enormous support and advice. He is someone that you are happy to listen to because he is very professional in everything he does. He has dedicated many years of his life to the Club and we appreciate having John involved every weekend.    

   Like most volunteers, he juggles a professional career with his voluteer work with the Club, but   he enjoys it, especially when the young players get a win and you see the smiles on their faces - that's what we all work hard for! John is well respected by all the players, committee and supporters and we really appreaciate his contribution over such a sustained period, especially when volunteers are so hard to find these days.






Fred Miller

  Fred is a life member of the Club and has undertaken a number of voluntary roles for the Club over many years. “Freddy” is well remembered for his goal umpiring prowess both in the Underages and Reserves, and of most recent times, he is the Club's time-keeper for the Under 18's. “Freddy” willingly gives his time for the Club and is  “a quite achiever” and well respected volunteer who has dedicated a large part of his life to assist the Club". “Freddy” is one of those people who gets on with what he has to do and seeks little fuss or reward for his efforts". “We are lucky to have “Freddy” as part of our Club”.






Hugo Connor

Hugo arranges for the Club information boards to be erected at either end of the township at the commencement of every football season to keep the community and supporters informed where the following weeks games are to be played. 

   Hugo has also coordinated the Port Cygnet Lions Club to undertake gate keeping duties for the Club at home games. This has been a successful partnership for a number of years and takes a huge amount of pressure off the committee as the Lion's Club does a wonderful job. 

   Hugo's dedication to the Cygnet Football Club, Lion's Club and Tennis Club, has seen him have an enormous input into sport and all aspects of the Cygnet community. Hugo is the first person on the gate at home matches early every Saturday morning. As the weather gets colder, you will find him and his,helpers near the fire-pot at the entrance to the ground.

   Hugo does a wonderful job and prefers to stay in the background to assist the Club with little fuss or fanfare. 

   Hugo's efforts were acknowledged by the Club and SFL when he received a volunteer award….. it's volunteers like Hugo who take so much pressure of the committee by doing his bit to support the Club - we really do appreciate his commitment and dedication over such a long period of time. 

   The Cygnet Football Club also passes its appreciation to the President and members of the Lions Club of Port Cygnet who recently provided funding for the Club to purchase a new electric line-marking machine for volunteer and life member "Rip" Clifford.





Drew Lynch.

    Drew is a dedicated committee member who is always at the ground very early on Saturday mornings for home games to ensure his tasks are completed quietly and efficiently. Drew makes sure all the shutters over windows are unlocked, goal post padding placed, and the wet area is properly designated. On top of this, he cleans the change-rooms after home games and they always looking spick and span.

    Drew sells margin tickets for the Club on Thursday nights and at home games and (as shown) he can be found with his trusty money bag raising valuable funds for the Club. He can be relied upon to do any other task that is requested of him and he is an extremely valued member of the committee, and the Cygnet Football Club.

    It is people like Drew who help keep our small Club viable and without this type of voluntary support, country Clubs could not survive – thanks Lynchy!